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The 5 step Lawyer’s guide to a financially successful surgery

After law school, lawyers know big bills. But nothing unnerves the seasoned litigator more than getting exorbitant vague notices of funds due after a traumatic surgery. Their own surgery or a family member’s, no one is in a state of mind to deal with this mound of paperwork filled with insurance and medical jargon. Use […]

The top three office insurance errors for law firms. The fix is simple and inexpensive.

Business insurance packages for law firms are the least examined policies at law firms.  Since Superstorm Sandy, we have seen a small change in this, but over the years, this is an area of exposure that is significantly under-analyzed for law firms.  Lots of reasons for this – claims are less common than professional liability […]

The Health Insurance Renewal Is Late Again!!! The timeline you need to get it right.

As the Managing Partner of your firm, you are responsible for the decision making when it comes to the firm’s medical insurance renewal.  It is more likely than not, that medical insurance is your single biggest expenditure after payroll.  So it’s all handled in an orderly and timely manner right? Does this scenario sound familiar?  […]

What Dewey & LeBoeuf Employees Need to know about Medical Insurance

Medical Insurance Issues Virtually all medical plans that involve employee contributions operate under Section 125 of the Revenue Code which sets forth the rules for taking contributions on a pre-tax basis. One of the caveats is that you can only change your election at open enrollment or if you have a life event. Loss of […]

Attention Dewey & LeBoeuf lawyers

Issue Summary: We help individual lawyers (and groups of lawyers) who work at law firms facing bankruptcy purchase insurance policies to cover their professional liability exposure that will remain with them personally beyond their current employment. Background: An attorney’s professional liability exposure is personal.  Under normal circumstances, law firms provide ongoing coverage for its lawyers […]

Surprise! Your professional liability insurance underwriter doesn’t understand the practice of law.

Have you ever felt that your professional liability insurance underwriter does not know how a real law firm works?  The shocking truth is that most are not lawyers, have never practiced law, and therefore are misguided as to how a law firm works and how legal services are provided.  This causes unnecessary questions, erroneous overpricing, and fewer options […]

The 10 Point Professional Liability Insurance Comparison Checklist (Part 2)

Make sure you understand your own policy fine print that determines if your premiums are being well spent or wasted.

The Big Lie II in Professional Liability Insurance

The Big Lie II in Professional Liability Insurance

Property & Casualty mistakes must be fixed!

4 Property and Casualty mistakes that 90% of all law firms make and how to fix them.

Do contributions matter? Part II

Do contributions matter?  Part II  How to lower health insurance costs by providing incentives. When advising firms on contribution strategies (how to share the cost of health insurance with employees) many firms are making a huge mistake. While nobly intended, the firms that pay 100% of health insurance premiums, for single and sometimes even for […]