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How your professional liability broker might be robbing you in broad daylight. Did you overlook this?

On this blog, we are dedicated to writing risk management and insurance advice for law firm Managing Partners.  We teach you how to become better buyers and get the most out of your insurance programs.  I feel that it is important to deviate from our normal method to call out an underhanded business practice that […]

Surprise! Your professional liability insurance underwriter doesn’t understand the practice of law.

Have you ever felt that your professional liability insurance underwriter does not know how a real law firm works?  The shocking truth is that most are not lawyers, have never practiced law, and therefore are misguided as to how a law firm works and how legal services are provided.  This causes unnecessary questions, erroneous overpricing, and fewer options […]

Goodyear Tire saved 6% on their benefit costs without a single plan change – Here’s how you can do it too

With health care costs continuing to rise at a pace that far exceeds inflation, firms are looking for additional ways to reduce benefit costs.  One option is a dependent eligibility audit.  This is a systematic approach to making sure that your health plan covers only those who are eligible.  This can be a significant cost […]