About Uri Gutfreund

Uri Gutfreund is a Law Firm Insurance Guru at Risk Strategies Company.  He is a 20 year veteran of aggressively remaking law firm insurance programs — transforming them  from the stodgy expensive cookie cutter policies to insurance programs that make good business sense.  Utilizing the latest technology tools, like every other business has done for decades, Uri is passionate that law firms can and MUST change to survive.  Uri’s team uses innovative benchmarking and real time best practices to serve his clients.

Uri is also the Founder and Moderator of the New York Peer-to-Peer Managing Partner Forum, a regional learning organization.  This unique program is open to Managing Partners who feel the same passion to improve their firms by learning from each other in a non-competitive environment.

He is a Registered Professional Liability Underwriter since 2001 and a frequent speaker and writer on insurance and risk management for law firms.  He also has five kids which ensures (yes pun intended) that he’ll be working his tail off for law firms for the next 30 years.

LinkedIn – http://www.linkedin.com/in/urigutfreund

Follow me on Twitter – http://twitter.com/LFinsuranceguru

Send me a message uri.gutfreund@risk-strategies.com


Selected Publications and Presentations:

  • “Errors, Omissions & Scares-PLI! Professional Liability Insurance Unmasked.” Association of Legal Administrators – Annual Conference Speaker, 2014.
  • “Buying and Selling a Law Practice” Westchester Bar Association Speaker, 2014.
  • “Suing for your fees: Three insurance considerations to safely collect what’s rightfully yours.” 2013.
  • “Lowering your professional liability premium: How to correctly answer the four critical application questions.”2013.
  • “Lateral Hiring (Almost) Never Works – The Experts Say Why and What You Can Do About It.” 2013.
  • “Five questions to determine if you need a new insurance broker.” 2013.
  • “Partnership Agreement and Buy Out Insurance – What you wish you knew before your partner got disabled.” 2013
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  • “The four methods to determine your professional liability insurance limits. The most important but least deliberated annual decision.” 2012.
  • “The four blunders that law firm partners make in buying health insurance. Are you guilty as charged?” 2012.
  • “How to fix your partnership agreement now so you don’t fight about insurance later.” 2012.
  • “Stop buying health insurance, start buying Health Care – Your Four Point Strategy for 2012.” 2012.
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