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2015 Tax Deduction Opportunity: 5 Steps to Overpay For Your Professional Liability Insurance

Follow these five easy steps and you will certainly overpay and buy the wrong professional liability insurance for your firm.  When you speak to your peers or have a claim, you will find that you paid far more than you had to and there’s a good chance that your claim won’t be covered at all.  […]

NY Law Firm Cyber Attack Foiled – See how they fought back from this devious plot

Everyday, there are reports of another company being hacked (Sony, Target, Chase, etc.).  A New York law firm was recently attacked by a sophisticated cyber fraudster attempting to steal a substantial amount of money.  Learn from this incident so that it doesn’t happen at your firm. What Happened:  The firm received an email from the […]

Round Firms in Square Insurance Programs

Sometimes when we are asked to review a firm’s professional liability insurance programs, there is nothing wrong with the existing policy language but upon further review, we uncover that it’s COMPLETELY wrong for THIS firm.  This is the top 5 square insurance programs for round firms: 1)      It’s way too expensive.  The premium seems ok […]