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7 Law Firm Insurance Misconceptions

I know it’s true because I read it on the internet, right? There are lots of misconceptions out there in every area of life and in the law firm insurance world (a small world where geeks like me live) is no different. These are seven common misconceptions that we find among law firms: 1. Raising […]

NY Law Firm Cyber Attack Foiled – See how they fought back from this devious plot

Everyday, there are reports of another company being hacked (Sony, Target, Chase, etc.).  A New York law firm was recently attacked by a sophisticated cyber fraudster attempting to steal a substantial amount of money.  Learn from this incident so that it doesn’t happen at your firm. What Happened:  The firm received an email from the […]

Five questions to determine if you need a new insurance broker

Having the right broker can be the most important decision in your firm’s insurance programs.  The wrong broker can recommend the wrong coverage designs, wrong companies, and cause you to overpay by tens of thousands of dollars.  Their expertise can assist you with valuable advice so that you have the right coverage and coach you […]

The top three office insurance errors for law firms. The fix is simple and inexpensive.

Business insurance packages for law firms are the least examined policies at law firms.  Since Superstorm Sandy, we have seen a small change in this, but over the years, this is an area of exposure that is significantly under-analyzed for law firms.  Lots of reasons for this – claims are less common than professional liability […]