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The four blunders that law firm partners make in buying health insurance. Are you guilty as charged?

When it comes to health insurance, and benefits in general, law firms frequently make crucial errors that result in significantly overpaying for their insurance policies.  Although law firms must be generous to retain their best assets (their employees), these common four mistakes while looking like generous strategies, do not provide any benefit to the employees. […]

Stop buying health insurance, start buying Health Care – Your Four Point Strategy for 2012

Your firm has a comprehensive costly top tier insurance plan with unlimited benefits.  When a catastrophic illness or injury impacts you, your medical insurance will LIKELY fail your needs.  Why?  Even top of the line expensive health insurance policies are no longer structured to fully cover your health care needs.  There are so many limitations […]

The 35% Healthcare tax you never heard about!

The 35% Healthcare tax you never heard about and why your next health insurance renewal will remind you of 1985 – read what you need to do now to prepare.  To start orienting yourself to this NEW health insurance era, think 1985. Yes, think back to your health insurance from 25 years ago. Remember, you had […]

Evaluating Health Insurance for Partners

Evaluating Health Insurance for Partners – Lower premiums aren’t always what they seem…