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The One Big Thing – Why shop and how to do it right

Over the next few weeks, we will be posting a series of strategies to help law firms improve their professional liability insurance policies.  These ideas improve the terms offered and lower the premiums.  We’ll cover the small stuff and the big stuff.  Today, we’ll address the big one – shopping your professional liability insurance. There […]

Same Page Risk Management

Over the years, we have noticed that risk management is taken seriously by management.  Managing partners and executive committees discuss with us and know what can get the firm into trouble and what reasonable steps are needed to minimize their exposures.  Simple examples include: monitoring receivables and being responsive to any hints of client dissatisfaction. […]

Don’t fall prey to this insurance scam against law firms!

Tail insurance is the biggest scam against unsuspecting law firms.

The Record is Broken!

So guess what has dropped the most in price in 2009 in lawyer’s malpractice policies? The winner for 2009 is … Excess Limit. The record for the floor premium has been smashed for excess liability insurance. Typically an Excess Limits policy is coverage beyond a primary layer of a $5 million policy. If there ever […]

Look before you Lateral – and the tips to do it right

The legal industry is quietly changing the legal employment landscape by adding lateral hires from firms in trouble in a torrid pace. It might be a good business move to take advantage of the times, but you need to look at the whole picture to make the best decisions. Below are 4 risk management areas […]