Public Service Announcement: Empire Blue Cross Ending the Plus Wraparound Plan

The Tradition PLUS Wraparound Plan from Empire Blue Cross (the plan you didn’t mind paying a fortune for), will be disappearing in January.

Partners, S-Corp owners, LLC members loved this plan.  Yup, the one that lets you go to any doctor or hospital with a $200 deductible and $400 coinsurance cap, not to mention the $7 drug copay and private duty nursing coverage the plan had.  Even though the plan’s cost was really high – over $15k a year for single coverage, many people found that it was worth paying the pre-tax premium instead of paying for expenses with post-tax dollars.

Blue Cross is now alerting these loyal customers that they will no longer be allowed to keep this plan past December 31.  As companies look for a suitable replacement, they soon realize that buying standard plans off a spreadsheet in the managed care arena just doesn’t work.   The good news is that there are solutions, but you’ll need to move fast because it could take a bit more time to put it together right.

Get started now.  Discuss with your broker today.

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