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Out of Network Doctors – Four Strategies That Work

In our last post, we described this year’s significant changes to Out of Network coverage.  Insurance companies are reducing their out of network reimbursements from usual, customary and reasonable (UCR) to a percentage of Medicare.  If you will be continuing to use out of network doctors, here are four strategies to minimize the impact […]

Out of Network, Out of Line – What Happened Here?

Out of network, out of line – If you ever use out of network benefits on your medical plan, brace yourself for a huge shock when you get your bill.

The 35% Healthcare tax you never heard about!

The 35% Healthcare tax you never heard about and why your next health insurance renewal will remind you of 1985 – read what you need to do now to prepare.  To start orienting yourself to this NEW health insurance era, think 1985. Yes, think back to your health insurance from 25 years ago. Remember, you had […]

Do contributions matter? Part II

Do contributions matter?  Part II  How to lower health insurance costs by providing incentives. When advising firms on contribution strategies (how to share the cost of health insurance with employees) many firms are making a huge mistake. While nobly intended, the firms that pay 100% of health insurance premiums, for single and sometimes even for […]

Evaluating Health Insurance for Partners

Evaluating Health Insurance for Partners – Lower premiums aren’t always what they seem…

Do Contributions Matter? PART I

As a law firm insurance advisor, we advise law firms on how to structure their benefit plans and their employee contributions towards those plans. As you can imagine, every firm has their own strategy on this unique to their firm culture (i.e. rich benefits vs. cheap benefits). We essentially help them make their benefits consistent […]